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Life Uncommon

Miriam’s New “Cover” Song

Life Uncommon

Musical Arrangement by Miriam Maron and Bogdan Knezevich
Instrumentals by Bogdan Knezevich
Photo by Sarina A. Emhoff
Photo Graphics by Brian LaPan

Inspired by Spirit and the human condition, Miriam brings forth strength and hope through her soul and her voice to raise consciousness, compassion and courage for us all.

The theme of this beautiful song by Jewel rendered here fresh and anew by Miriam Maron is to help us through these trying times of the inexplicable. In her creative and empowering arrangement of this meaningful and relevant song, and through her soulful voice and inspiring intent, Miriam encourages us to “lend our voices only to sounds of freedom” and avoid, at all costs, giving “strength to that which we wish to be free from.” This is her hope. This is her message to all of us.

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