In The Dust of Ancestors

Posted on Nov 30, 2004

“In the Dust of the Ancestors”
A shamanic tour across the Land of Israel
Sacred Journeys into the Soul of the Land of Israel
and Her Tribal Roots

November 3-13, 2005
Cost is $1750 (includes all meals, lodging, tours, and tuition;
does not include airfare to and from Tel Aviv Airport which you
must arrange on your own)
Registration is limited to 20 participants.
Please Note: There will be some rugged walking, so please consult
your physician if you have a medical problem that might be
aggravated by arid climate conditions or uphill and downhill
wilderness treks.
For information and to register, contact
This trip is being sponsored by Walking Stick Foundation. When inquiring
about this trip, please indicate the dates of the trip.

About the Journey
Nine delightful days of engaging the wisdom and experience of the Four Winds in what the ancient Kabbalists called “Land of the Deer.”  
This is not a commercialized tour, but a spiritual quest, a rare opportunity to recapture the aboriginal, earth-based spirituality of the Jewish people on the very soil that gave birth to them over thirty-eight hundred years go.  You will also encounter a growing movement of Israelis seeking to recover the long-lost indigenous ways of our people as part of a serious attempt to bring much needed joy, peace, and healing to the land and its inhabitants.
We will travel as a close knit group of friends being hosted in each region in accommodations ranging from hotel-style rooms in cities to guest houses on kibbutzim.  At each sacred site, Miriam and Gershon will share deep teachings from the Jewish tradition as well as lead us in chant, drum, movement, and ceremony, to help us blend with the voices and the spirits of the ancestors. Our guide, Dovid Ringler, will tickle us with his humor and light-heartedness as he leads us along roads less traveled and through caverns and underground ritual pools known to few.
We will begin our journey in the relaxed atmosphere of Kibbutz Shoresh en-route from the airport toward the Galilean Hills. Here we will Jacuzzi, swim, spoil ourselves every which way, in preparation for the sacred journey ahead as follows:
North – Tsahfon
“The Place of Concealment”
Sefad, Ma'ron, Galilean Hills
North is where the eagle dwells, and the place of Water, holding the power of mystery and elusiveness. We will settle down at the Kibbutz Sasa Guest House while we visit the tombs of the ancient rabbis whose teachings we will be sharing. We will also wander around the old mystical city of Sefad, home to the most important medieval kabbalists, and the Galilean mountains whre the mystics and sorcerers of our people wee nourished and inspired by the mystery wisdom of North. We will also converge on Amirim for Shabbat, a rural vegetarian community overlooking the Sea of Galilee.
East – Kehdem
“The Place of Beginning”
Jerusalem and the Dead Sea
East is where the lion dwells, and the place of Breath, both symbolic of the powers needed for new beginnings. We will visit the longest-running point of controversy on the face of the earth: yerushlayim, which ironically means: “that which will show you peace.” After visiting the sacred sites of Jerusalem, we will drop south to the Dead Sea to cleanse ourselves with earthiness and to salt ourselves with endurance. Salt is indestructible, never spoils, and holds the power preservation. In Jerusalem we lodge at the Mt. Zion Hotel.
South – Dahrom and Nehggev
“the place of cleansing and transcending”
Qumran and Ein Gedi
South is where the Inner Self dwells, and the place of Fire. We will lodge on the breathtaking cliff site of metsukei dar’got, home to Rabbi Ohad Ezrachi and his Jewish meditation and learning center, Ha’Makom.  While nestled in this arid and incredibly scenic region of the Judean Desert, we will hike into deep canyons replete with mystery and history dating from the era of King David to the period of the Essenes whose caves and dwelling ruins we will visit. We will also lodge at the Ein Gedi Field School while we trek up to the last stronghold of the Second Jewish Commonwealth: Masada. There we will walk through the ruins of ancient Roman palatial quarters that were built for Nero before the rebellion, and the ruins of the homes, ritual pools, synagogue, and meeting places of the Jewish rebels and their families who later took refuge there.
West – Ma’arav
“The Place of Merging”
Tel Aviv and Yafo
West is where the buffalo dwells, and he place of Earth, symbolic of our wild, unbridled side, our merging side where all of our lights and shadows merge to dance in unison, no holds barred, and bring our deepest seed self to fruition. Here we will visit the ancient port city of Yaffo and then blend our spiritual selves with our physical selves in the market whirlwind and nightlife of Tel Aviv.  We will lodge at Kibbutz Shoresh Hotel en-route, and at the Astor Hotel in Tel Aviv.  West is where it all ends, where the sun vanishes into the horizon, where we all merge into the mystery of the next moment, into the uncertainty of the future, bringing along with us the clarity of south, the inspiration of east, and the north wind’s gift of the capacity to surrender to unknown. From west, we head home.


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