Jewish Shamanic Healing

Posted on Jun 23, 2003

Ancient Jewish mystery wisdom did not differentiate between emotional, spiritual, or physical imbalance and considered illness a major opportunity for personal life shifting and unfolding. Healing involved ridding the patient of their ailment and directing the flow of the ailment toward the restoration of the individual’s life flow and of balance in the dynamics of soul manifestation. Rituals included prayers and incantations that called upon forces active in the spirit realms, various plants and incense smoke, the ram’s horn, planetary influences, and stones. Some ceremonies involved drawing a circle on the earth with specific mystical symbols, and many such rites required chanting and drumming. Often, the purpose of these rites was to clear the body’s own channels of impediments and resistance to enable the smooth flow of the life force within each of us.

During this training program, Rabbi Gershon, who is an actual practitioner of this wisdom and its rites, will familiarize participants to the ancient and medieval Aramaic and Hebraic source texts as well as oral traditions from which this long neglected body of wisdom originates. Miriam will guide us through imagery, music, and movement toward integrating these teachings and drawing them deeper within ourselves, beyond the intellect. Aboriginal in nature, these teachings and experientials also introduce us to a whole dimension of Judaism that is largely unknown to mainstream Jewish tradition, suppressed for centuries by Church campaigns against the occult (which included women as a group and Jews as a group) and more recently by Jews themselves beginning with the Age of “Enlightenment.” Rabbi Gershon has devoted much of his energy and time over the past decade to revive this aboriginal element of Judaism and to render it user-friendly to the serious novice.

For more information, contact : Chochmat Halev.

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