Tunnels at the End of Light

Posted on Dec 20, 2003

Miriam in Rowe, Massachusetts.Tunnels at the End of the Light:
Kabbalistic Wisdom for Biding Your Time On Earth
January 4 through 6, 2004
At Rowe Conference Center, Rowe, Massachusetts

A Weekend of Non-Linear Frolic in the Garden of Paradox
With Rabbi Gershon Winkler and Miriam Maron.

The Kabbalah is a very ancient body of Jewish mystery wisdom that has been transmitted mostly orally for close to four thousand years. Based largely upon a non-linear way of thinking and experiencing, the Kabbalah offers alternative perspectives on the meaning of life, the paradox of God and evil, the mystique of being human, the intimate relationship of soul with body, and the sanctity of the earth and all her creatures. In its emphasis on the spiritual, the Kabbalah in no way negates the importance of the physical, and sees the material realm as the most vital component in the process of spiritual development. Drawing on ancient and early medieval Hebraic and Aramaic sources, Gershon will introduce us to the core intention and content of the Kabbalah toward a more clear encounter with the mystery we so glibly refer to as “Life.” Miriam will teach and guide us through imagery, music and movement toward integrating these teachings and drawing them deeper into ourselves, beyond the intellect.

The weekend will incorporate ancient chants, empowering journeys, deep-belly humor, sacred dance and movement exercises, and lesser known teachings of the Kabbalah concerning the attributes of animals, plants, stones, and the four winds. From the life-giving powers of the buzzard to the tempering powers of the hawk, and from the healing energies of stones to the spirits of the grasses, these ancient Jewish teachings will surprise as well as enlighten most of us who presume that Judaism is unrelated to Shamanism.

Miriam will co-lead a weekend of deep kabbalistic wisdom and experientials with Rabbi Gershon Winkler, employing guided imagery, chant, sacred text, practicums, and movement. The weekend retreat is held in the scenic Berkshire Mountains of northwestern Massachusetts at the Rowe Conference Center. For information and registration, go to or call (413) 339-4216

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