In memory of my
beloved father, Jacob Maron
In memory of my
beloved mother, Sonia Maron

The Ever-Elusive Mystique of
An Awe-Inspiring Weekend Retreat
Rabbi Dr. Miriam Maron
Rabbi Dr. Gershon Winkler
Friday November 17 - Sunday November 19, 2017
At the Luxurious UCLA Conference Center
In scenic Lake Arrowhead, California

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Miriam Maron jewish healing music and workshops to soothe your mind and heal your soul

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Miriam's New "Cover" Song
Life Uncommon

Musical Arrangement by Miriam Maron and Bogdan Knezevich
Instrumentals by Bogdan Knezevich
Photo by Sarina A. Emhoff
Photo Graphics by Brian LaPan

Inspired by Spirit and the human condition,
Miriam brings forth strength and hope
through her soul and her voice to raise consciousness,
compassion and courage for us all.

The theme of this beautiful song by Jewel
rendered here fresh and anew by Miriam Maron
is to help us through these trying times of the inexplicable.
In her creative and empowering arrangement of this meaningful
and relevant song,
and through her soulful voice
and inspiring intent, Miriam encourages
us to “lend our voices only to sounds of freedom” and avoid,
at all costs, giving “strength to that which we wish to be free from.”
This is her hope. This is her message to all of us.

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Healthy Living Magazine
New Article by Dr. Miriam Ashina on Dance Appears in Healthy Living Guide
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The Invitation
Living a Meaningful Death

By Miriam Maron and Gershon Winkler
Ancient Jewish teachings about Death and Dying
and their lessons for enriching and deepening
the quality of Living

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Ancient Moon Wisdom: The Kabbalistic Wheel of Astro Mystery and its Relationship to the Human Experience

By Miriam Maron

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A Jewish "Clan of the She-Wolf"?
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My Personal Connection with the
Ashina Clan of the Khazars

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Call From the Narrows

Call from the Narrows

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Dr. Miriam Maron's Work as a Healer, Counselor, and Mentor in Private Practice

Dr. Maron holds a BSN from the University of Pennsylvania. She is a licensed Registered Nurse with a MA in Exercise Physiology from the University of Southern California. She holds a PhD in "Kabbalistic Healing," which is a mode of emotional, physical and spiritual healing rooted in the ancient Hebraic wisdom traditions, a venue which she integrates together with her conventional scientific/medical background. A member of the Institute For Integrative Medicine, and of the Westside Health Practitioners, Dr. Maron has been active in this work for close to three decades and has lectured and conducted workshops on these modalities across the US, Canada, Central America, Europe and Israel, for anyone looking for personal healing and/or how to bring this unique eclectic skill set to their practice. Her clientele includes physicians, psychologists, therapists, social workers, RNs, acupuncturists, homeopaths, naturopaths, chiropractors, and many other health care professionals as well as professionals from all walks of life. Dr, Maron is also a regularly-featured speaker at the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences in Montreal, Canada.

Dr. Miriam Maron, Ph.D., B.S.N., R.N., M.A. welcomes you to an experience brimming with deep wisdom and powerful music that promote healing and hope, culled primarily from the ancient Jewish mystery wisdom. In this realm, we explore Kabbalistic teachings to nurture our souls, as well as the magic of song, chant, and other modes of healing sound and sacred movement. In addition to writing and singing spiritual music, Miriam is also an author and a spiritual healer and teacher who creates and integrates ritual, ceremony, meditation and movement that unify body, mind and soul, allowing one to fully take in the teachings. She facilitates intensives in Jewish Shamanic healing across the U.S., Canada, Israel and Europe. Her rendition of a traditional Hassidic melody that appears on her CD "Wings of Light" was selected as a major segment of a motion picture soundtrack for the recently-released foreign film: "Black Prince," a drama based on the illustrious biography of the notorious 19th-century Russian poet, Pushkin. The film won First Prize at the New York Independent Film Festival. Through this website you will discover information about Dr. Maron's workshops, her book and articles, and also sample her soothing and empowering music.

"Miriam's beautiful voice, like her presence, is an oasis of peace. It appears to rise from the sorrow of humankind, transforming itself into an enveloping embrace, a place that soothes like a mother's gentle love. For the moment, one is safe, the world stops hovering and menacing, and Miriam's song makes us aware that there are other dimensions within us that are just as real and present as the fear, the noise and the challenge of our everyday lives -- if only we allow ourselves to summon them. Miriam is a path to the gifts of our soul to which we can return and refresh ourselves in our sometimes wearying journey."
--Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul, and Mary)
May 27, 2006

Rabbi Miriam Maron is a Soul Healer who far exceeds the expectations of those who seek her knowledge and counsel. She is a magician par-excellence with the inner wisdom and stamina to boldly take people into the otherwise unfathomable depths of their soul-self, and there, at the very vortex of their persona, to heal, to repair, to transform, and finally to emerge anew as a Phoenix rising out of the ashes. With her gentle voice and soothing chant, she leads us bravely and unafraid into the fiery flames of spiritual alchemy, where she guides us toward wholesome transformation that morphs us from murkiness to clarity, from darkness to light, and from stuckness to liberation — or, as they say in the Native American tradition: from hummingbird to condor. Her songs more than lift our spirits, they vibrate their way deep within our heart of hearts straight into the Holy of Holies, and there, at the very core of our selfhood, they empower and inspire, enrich and endow us with sacred breath of Wind, Water, and Fire: spirit, fluidity, and passion. With her extraordinary musical talent and genius, she gathers and gleans an ever-fresh harvest of songs seeded by the ancients and renders them into contemporary theme and vernacular so that their voices resonate through hers, and ultimately through ours.

Rabbi Miriam is a teacher in the tradition of her ancestors, in the spirit of the Hebrew prophetesses and wise-women whose clarity of vision and intuitive knowing wove the thread of fortitude and celebration that has preserved a people and its traditions against all odds for more than 4,000 years. Her teachings are delivered not from her lips but from the deepest recesses of her heart, carried to the listener on wings of conviction. She is an erudite scholar of both her people’s written and oral traditions, and a pioneer in restoring to her people the long-neglected mystery wisdom of Jewish shamanism, which she teaches in her seminars and workshops and practices in her private healing and mentoring sessions.

Rabbi Miriam inspires by her presence, her poise, her countenance, and by the deep Life Knowledge that is ever-blossoming within her, sprouting forth fresh learning and innovative insight in every encounter. Healer, mentor, mother, teacher, musician, singer, songwriter, shamanic practitioner, ceremony and ritual leader, sacred dancer, Rabbi Miriam is a creative artist who skillfully blends her knowledge and talent to formulate entrancing movement and dance that, along with her teachings, music, and ceremonies, have captivated and moved the hearts of audiences and participants of all ages and cultural backgrounds across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Israel. She is a gift to be treasured, honored, and respected, a valuable guide to us all as we meander across the narrow, foggy bridge of our lives.

Rabbi Gershon Winkler

Author of Daily Kabbalah, and

Magic of the Ordinary: Recovering the Shamanic in Judaism

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